Genre: Horror

SCP-x7x (6th Floor)

Somewhat urgent music for storytelling. Winding staircase that leads to nowhere… like your liberal arts degree. Melodic enough to hold your interest. Repetitive enough for you to lose interest.

SCP-x6x (Hopes)

Haunting music for storytelling; With a cello. Cello, bassoon, and piano are known to be expert haunters. This piece has no bassoon, but 2 out of 3 does get pretty haunting!

SCP-x5x (Outer Thoughts)

Nice, but creepy music for storytelling. Simple melodies played on that old piano your grandma had in her basement. It was once great, but has since become a spider and dust motel. I’m sure the spiders think it is pretty great. Gotta be loud if you’re a piano spider, but rent control totally makes it …

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SCP-x4x (Mind Leech)

Grating Horror Soundscape. Welcome to the Open House! Im Kathy, your realtor. Youll probably want to keep your shoes on. On your left is the living room, complete with ornate working fireplace. Its fueled by the souls of the damned AND it heats the whole house! Mind yourself around the walls, they can get a …

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SCP-x2x (Unseen Presence)

Dark horror soundscape. There are places of evil in the world. Dark places. There are places that absorb life with their greasy tendrils of unlight. There are places that screw up everyone’s sandwiches. There are places that delay postal packages. There are places that cause internet outages right when you’re down to the last 4 …

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This piece has a good beat and you can dance to it… assuming you are a dark, lurking horror with a betentacled face and an urge to consume life forces.

Shadowlands 7 – Codex

Part seven of seven. A real mind bender. This one is all acoustic, and no artificial synths, so it has an organic feel. Not Certified Organic, just normal organic. So, that means it looks better, requires less fertilizer, has fewer pests and a higher yield.

Shadowlands 6 – The Pit

Part alien cacophony, part organic awfulness, part six of seven. If you set this piece as music you wake up to in the morning, you’re going to have a bad, bad day. There will be half remembered monsters from the times of not-asleep, not-awake… whose only jobs are to induce unexpected nausea inside government buildings.