Genre: Blues

Joey’s Formal Waltz – Unscented

There are NO FARTS in this version. If you’re looking for farts, you want the “Scented” version. Just your average, repeated, beautiful slow waltz with some chill EP and electric guitar. Also available with fart sounds.

Happy Happy Game Show

Okay, it is a 12 bar blues, but you got to stick around at least until the horns! I couldn’t start with the horns as that would be a frightening level of happy. The uncompressed download also comes with a perfectly loopable track for those who don’t want the party to end.


The bass guitar plays a familiar rolling Blues riff, while accompanied by organ, acoustic guitar, and drums. A toe-tapping beat plays throughout, and can be used as the background music for a fast-paced game or scene, or as the intro to a scene full of bustling people.

Whiskey on the Mississippi

With a jumping bass and off-beat syncopation, this is straight from Memphis? Beale Street. The Hammond organ and electric guitar play together as longtime friends, while the melody changes hands from guitar to organ to electric piano.

Dirt Rhodes

A slow blues piece with prominent kit. Actual Mark I Stage Piano used in this recording. EP used throughout in the background.