Genre: Modern

Northern Glade

Are you sick of “high pressure” games that “keep score”? Yeah, me too. But I FIXED it! I made a game where literally nothing happens, and nothing matters! I enjoy playing as a chicken, though it grants you no special powers. I’m not sure what chicken powers would be. Brief and ponderous flight? Speak to …

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Farm is part of a 4-part video game experience. You can experience Farm here: It even works on most phones! TIP! Crops regrow faster than weeds. TIP! Once a rock is magicked away, it is gone forever. Stay clear if you want to keep it!


This one is a little more peppy than the others in this video experience album. Still very very blippy, though. 9.7/10 on the blippiness scale.


You know the old phrase “as relaxing as a toaster”? They meant any electrical machine, really. I think if a toaster were to make relaxing music this is it.

Master Disorder

Sometimes you do things with little expectation of how it is going to finally turn out. Maybe you’re making a hummus and cauliflower pizza roll… Will it work? Who knows! You can sort of make the hummus taste like Italian hummus if you use enough oregano, basil, and… chili flakes or something. So, then you …

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Colorless Aura

Extraordinarily depressing piano solo. Please treat with caution… or meds. The uncompressed WAV file version of this is available here as played on 3 different pianos.


Highly processed and oddly played piano makes up the harmonic base of this piece. Sort sort of ticking clock thing… This is a brash mix, but probably not as bad as you think! This piece of music is available in an uncompressed format here.

Junkyard Tribe

Accelerating piece of contemporary electronic percussions. There’s some bit crusting going down, and a few other things. No melodies – just the hits. This piece of music is available in an uncompressed format here.


A disturbingly sweet melody on an electric piano is accompanied with a slow and steady beat. Synth sounds undulate in the background, fighting for prominence. They ultimately melt away, leaving the piano melody to play one last despair-filled refrain.


A vocal chorus blends with subtle percussion and panning synth effects that rattles the bones. The choir rises in volume almost imperceptibly before dissolving, leaving a sense of drama and consequence. Perfect for the background music to build suspense and intrigue. Loopable. This piece of music is available in an uncompressed format here.