One Day

Roa said: Thank you for listening! You can free to use my music in your video. (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc…) My music is copyrighted, but you have my permission to use it in your content on social media as long as credit is given. (Please read user guidelines on my website :


An intimate, dream-like track featuring effected piano, synth and strings. Something to vibe to, with world being the way it is these days… ❤️


A simple, nostalgic track for piano and strings – like a slow-motion dance with someone you love.

Last And First Light

A bittersweet, emotional contemporary classical track for orchestra that evokes some big floaty space vibes (think ‘Prometheus’), but featuring a folksy solo violin that brings a certain tone of nostalgia and longing for home.

Race The Sun

An adventurous, energetic and optimistic hybrid orchestral track for folks chasing new horizons! 🎵 You can also listen here: ▶ Spotify: ▶ Apple Music: ▶ Amazon Music: ▶ Tidal: ▶ Deezer: ▶ Soundcloud: ▶ YouTube:

I Got a Stick Feat James Gavins

Funky Horns? Funk! Funky Guitar? Funk! Funky Bass? Funk! Funky Drumming? Double Funk!! Vocals: James Gavins. Uncopyrightable Lyrics: (“I got a stick.”) James Gavins and Kevin MacLeod Arrangement and instruments: Bryan Teoh

Boogie Party

Just your everyday 12 bar blues jam. This one is exhausting to play. No MIDI keyboards were injured during the recording of this piece; darn close, though. This piece was written for a Patreon sponsor’s project.