Genre: Polka

Flying Kerfuffle

Happy happy, happy happiness. Happier, happiest? Happy. Now that the word has lost all meaning, take a listen to this thing. It is dripping with joy. Ever see a sad person on a jetski? Of course not. It isn’t possible. Similarly, you can’t listen to this and be sad. No Mortal Can! You can be …

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Ultra Polka

I tried to do an EDM piece using one of my new accordions… turns out, accordion just doesn’t have the fast attack needed to do fast electronic things. The melody and chords were written for a diatonic button box, but I was never able to get the live recording to work. No worries! I just …

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Meanwhile in Bavaria

Technically, it isn’t a polka – though you can certainly dance to it. This recording is perfect for all your Octoberfest needs!

Pixel Peeker Polka – slower

8-bit sounding electronic polka. 8-bit-sounding electronic polka. Get the uncompressed wav file with bonus material here! This piece of music is available in an uncompressed format here.

Spazzmatica Polka

Boisterous and nearly obnoxious, this piece will lodge itself in your brain and make you think you?re trapped in an arcade. The polka rhythm is quick and the melody is spastic. Right into the second minute the rhythm drops out and introduces a crazed, comedic melody that continues throughout until the abrupt end.

Glee Club Polka

High-energy polka with screaming trumpets and a clarinet “voice”. Modulation at the end. Unusual turnarounds.