Genre: Ska

Sunday Dub

This was written for a sneaky-yet-cool scene. The kind where our main character is trailing a subject to find out where they get the amazing cheese they serve at their restaurant. There’s a bunch of bits where the paranoid restauranteur turns around unexpectedly and Private Detective Alice Winterbottom has to duck behind dumpsters, or spin …

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Blue Ska

Run of the mill ska!? No such thing! Well, this is as close to that reality as you can get. It is high energy, dance-inducing, happy fun times for everyone who was born after… like… the Industrial Revolution… So, there may be some trees and fungi that don’t find this fun; but, I can’t really …

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Upbeat Forever

Ska! Ska! Ska! At least, I hope it gives that impression. Works pretty well for a lively background to most anything! This was written for an improv comedy group… so they would have something reasonable to sing to – if an audience member suggests it.