Source: SoundCloud

SoundCloud Free Music Download

Free music from Soundcloud is a rich resource for creative projects, ranging from background music for videos, podcasts, advertisements, and video games to creating your own musical compositions. Below are some types of free music on Soundcloud that you can use for various purposes, with proper attribution to the authors being essential.

  1. Free music for general use: Many artists on Soundcloud provide free music for general use. This means you can use these tracks for personal or non-commercial projects without purchasing the rights. However, in this case, proper attribution to the author is necessary and important to respect the artist’s effort and creativity.
  2. Free music for non-commercial projects: If you’re creating a non-commercial project such as a YouTube video without monetization, you can search for free music on Soundcloud to use in your videos. Always make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions set by the artists for the free use of their music and give proper attribution.
  3. Free music for commercial projects: If you want to use free music from Soundcloud in commercial projects, such as advertisements or television shows, you need to thoroughly check the terms of the artist. Some artists may require direct contact and negotiation for using their music in commercial projects, while others may provide free licensing options for specific commercial purposes.

Most importantly, make sure to provide accurate and clear attribution to the authors. You can credit the authors in the video description, blog posts, or any relevant documentation related to your project. This is not only a legal obligation but also a way to respect the effort and creativity of the artists.